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Breech Baby | Webster technique | Pregnancy | Pediatric Chiropractic Testimonial

Nicole sought chiropractic care when she was told that she would likely need a c-section for her breech pregnancy. "I had never worked with a chiropractor and not for myself or a pediatric chiropractor. There's just so many things that. If we marry that with other medical professions. Wow! How drastically that could change someone's life." "...So then to receive that news and realized that it actually changed and he could be back on your original birth plan.... It takes your breath away! It was Phenomenal!"


Written Testimonials

I would trust them to care for anyone I love and/or care about!

I love the personal & detailed attention that Dr. Skip & Dr. Julie give to every single one of their patients. I love the warm welcome you receive as you walk through the door. Valerie, Paulina, & Jacinda are friendly, fun, & very helpful. Everything that is related to your overall health, Prime Family can & will help you with. Their knowledge & expertise has helped me feel better, than I have ever felt. I went to them for two specific reasons and along with those reasons, all the hurt, aches, and other pains, that I chalked up to “just getting old”completely disappeared. Dr. Skip & Dr. Julie’s kindness & generosity go above and beyond anything I have ever known, in & outside of their clinic. I have learned so much about how chiropractic care, can help with pregnant moms, infants, children, teens, young & old adults…. I sure wish I had these two doctors looking after me during my pregnancies. Recommending them is easy… listing all the good I have seen and/or experienced because of them… could take me forever.

We felt so at home. It just felt right to be there.

We are so thankful to have been referred to Dr Skip for our toddler. From the moment we walked into the office, we felt so at home. It just felt right to be there. The staff is extremely welcoming and so friendly. I love that the office is very kid friendly, especially with a busy 1.5yr old. Our little guy started seeing Dr Skip at 16mo old and our only regret is that we didn’t start sooner. Dr Skip is so patient with him. In addition, Dr Skip is patient with us. He has taken the time to really listen to our questions and concerns. He is extremely passionate about what he does, but also compassionate towards his patients/the parents. We highly recommend Dr Skip & PRIME FAMILY.

Care has been life giving for all of us!

Dr. Skip and Julie are amazing! I started seeing Dr. Skip when I was pregnant with my last baby, who is almost 8 now. I was of “advanced maternal age” and a high risk pregnancy. My blood pressure was creeping up with every doctor visit. We were very concerned about preeclampsia. I started seeing Dr. Skip and getting regularly adjusted during my pregnancy and my blood pressure started going down. My son was born at 32 weeks and I’m convinced I have him today because of seeing Dr. Skip. Our family and foster kids started being adjusted by Dr. Skip and I have story after story of how the chiropractic adjustments have been life giving for all of us. We value the partnership we have with Dr. Skip and the clinic to be the best, healthiest we can be. Dr. Skip and Dr. Julie truly are the very best!!!

No one said they could help me until I came here

This place is wonderful! No one said they could help me until I came here. I haven’t been here long and are already seeing great results! My wife, 2 kids, and I are all going here now, and we really appreciate all the friendly staff and great results. Highly recommend.

My postpartum recovery was amazing compared to my first!

My family and I have been going to Prime Family Chiropractic for a year now. I cannot say enough good things about this clinic! My husband and I both agree that the chiropractic care we receive at Prime Family is better than any supplement we’ve taken! Most notably I would say would be I developed two severe/ moderate anxiety disorders after I had my firstborn, PPA and DMER. DMER has no medication and isn’t yet researched enough to have many coping options. I am happy to say I am 6 months Postpartum with zero issues this time! And I fully believe the care I received from Prime Family and cleaning up my diet did the trick! My pregnancy with chiropractic care was so much better! And my postpartum recovery was amazing compared to my first! My second born got adjusted 2 days after she was born and regularily gets adjusted. She is such a happy healthy little baby! And she’s never caught a cold so far! My husband has a spine issue and has seen other chiropractors, physical therapists, and even a spine specialist. All said nothing could be done and he would just be in pain for the rest of his life! Dr.Skip has been improving his spine and it’s amazing to see how much improved my husband’s X-rays look in just a couple of months!

Colic & Digestive Issues

Dr. Skip is the best chiropractor I have ever been to. My baby boy had colic and digestive issues and he took his time to find a fix and worked hard to get him feeling better and his body working right again! He is the kindest person who truly loves and cares about his patients. So lucky to have found him!

Best Pregnant & Postpartum Care Decision I ever made!

Have been going here for almost 3 years and one of the best decisions I ever made pregnant and now postpartum. It’s helped me with a severe pain when I was pregnant and now being able to correct it and continue to keep the care and my body aligned. My 2 year old son also loves his weekly adjustments. So appreciative of this place. ❤️

God Bless You!

I have two 4 day olds who are different babies than they were before they saw you yesterday! Peeing, pooping, latching better! And the babies are not in screaming agony of bound up bowels anymore. God Bless you for the good nights sleep.

We love Prime Family Chiropractic Centers!

I love going in every week everyone is so nice and friendly and opened to us! I absolutely love coming to help myself and Baby Jaxn get better. We love Prime Family Chiropractic Centers!


Amazing Dr. Skip came to the hospital after his name came highly recommended. We were having latching issues and it took anywhere from 35-45 mins just to get Grant to latch on. First time feeding after he was adjusted.... Just 6 mins for a perfect latch! Amazing!! Can't say enough about how positive an experience we had for a first time chiro client!

God has blessed us!

So grateful again for Prime Family Chiropractic!

Can't thank you enough!

After Googling every chiropractor in the Green Bay area and interviewing several, we chose Prime Family Chiropractic above the rest because it was obvious their approach to treatment was superior. We took our son in for cranial compression and infant reflux, both lead to poor sleeping habits and a very fussy baby. Within a week his mood and sleeping drastically improved and a few weeks later he was completely off his medication. After seeing his results, my husband and I became patients also. We can't thank Dr Skip and staff enough for improving our lives!

What a difference!

I did not have chiropractic care during my first pregnancy and had a VERY difficult labor and birth. After lots of research I decided to have Dr. Julie's care during my entire second pregnancy. What a difference! Everyone in the office is so sweet and personable, and my second baby was born after just 3.5 hours of active labor and a very comfortable pregnancy. I credit a great portion of the difference in experiences to the wonderful care I received. I recommend chiropractic care with Prime Family to any expecting mama!

You've Changed Our Lives!

Thank you Prime Family Chiropractic Centers!

I'm a Happy Mama!

I wouldn't trust anyone else with my daughter's care! She's been seeing Dr. Skip since she was born, and I'm a happy mama.


Wonderful!! helped me through my pregnancy and helped my baby from week one one!! Definitely worth the hour drive!!! Thank You!!!

Staff is Amazing!

Great atmosphere and the staff is amazing. Very happy with the care my children and I get.

We love Prime Family Chiropractic Centers!

I love going in every week everyone is so nice and friendly and opened to us! I absolutely love coming to help myself and Baby Jaxn get better. We love Prime Family Chiropractic

We give it a huge thumbs up!

Our second child gave us a serious run for our money. She was a fitful sleeper from the beginning and would only sleep for 45 minutes before waking up screaming. She had trouble latching on the right side and would spend the better part of the day howling inconsolably. We tried swaddling, shushing, rocking, jiggling, bouncing, mechanical swings, pacifiers, slings, wraps, gas medicine, even going so far as to eliminate all dairy, wheat, and spicy things from my diet in the hopes that something, anything would calm this child. Nothing worked. The best anyone, professionals and laypersons alike, could tell us was that it usually stopped by four months. I personally didn't think I could make it that long. As a last ditch effort, we tried pediatric chiropractic and when she was seven weeks old, we saw Dr. Skip Wyss. When I brought her home, happy and content in her car seat, my husband thought I had brought home the wrong baby, She nursed contentedly on both sides and slept for two hours. She woke up happy, quiet and alert. As the weeks went by, I would start to notice when she was out of alignment; little things like her latch, bowel movements, and even how straight she sat, all gave me clues as to how her body responded to the adjustments. It was really nothing short of a miracle. Now, I can appreciate and love my child without wanting to scream myself in frustration at 3:00AM. We can't believe it took us so long to turn to this treatment. We give it a huge thumbs up!

You've Changed Our Lives!

My 5 year old daughter is autistic. Before coming to Dr. Skip she was on two medications that one made her slur her speech, and the other made her sleepy. We saw a psychiatrist, and did physical therapy which failed. We learned to adapt. My daughter could sing her ABC's but could not point to a letter and name it. She couldn’t write her name. She wore pullups even though she was potty trained because she did not like the feel of underwear. She could count to three. Now after seeing Dr. Skip for about a month she is wearing underwear. She can get four or five letters and say, "That’s a "b"." (etc.) She can count to five when being watched, and to eleven when she is not being watched. She can write her name with looking at a name card. After struggling for 2 years to get her to wear underwear we have been in underwear for over a week! Chiropractic care has changed our lives, and has greatly helped my family! Thank you Prime Family Chiropractic Centers!

God has blessed us!

So grateful again for Prime Family Chiropractic Centers! I had a completely natural birth at home within 2 hours of active labor! I had placenta previa and the baby was transverse and stubborn even weeks before his due date. We were planning to move our birth from home to hospital. After being adjusted accordingly, my placenta drastically moved out of the way, and my baby was miraculously in perfect position for labor. Everything finally fell back into plan. Also, my son who has been diagnosed with asthma since an infant is able to be symptom free when he sees Dr. Skip regularly. God has definitely blessed us with a great chiropractor!

Thank you!

Dr Skip and Dr Julie have filled us with knowledge on how the body works and just how important chiropractor care is. They have changed our lives forever and I will be forever grateful for everything they have done for us. They are so much more than chiropractors; they are a necessary part of our lives. Thank you!

Other Video Testimonials

Dr. Skip Wyss | Chiropractor | Man! I have the best job in the world!

Dr. Skip Wyss from Prime Family Chiropractic Centers shares his personal story of how chiropractic care changed his life when he was injured as an athlete in high school. That experience set him on a course to attend Palmer Chiropractic College to become a chiropractor himself. Originally planning on focusing on serving athletes in the Green Bay area, Dr. Skip soon became convinced that in order to have the greatest health impact throughout his career he needed to focus on helping children and families. “...I figured out that in order to have a direct linear affect on people's health, it had to start when they were a kid.” - Dr. Skip Wyss Dr. Skip’s passion and joy come from helping his patients, and every day he shows immense energy to help his patients, by providing exceptional chiropractic care. “I have the best job in the world… and the reason why, is I get to help people every day! But it’s the people (patients) that I get to work with that make my job special!” - Dr. Skip Wyss To learn more, visit www.primefamilycenters.com

Infertility | Doctors said we couldn't | We Did It On Our Own

Shaun and Shannon Kornusky struggled with infertility and tried to conceive for three years before they sought medical treatments. They saw "Doctor after doctor" and were still unable to conceive even with the great cost of infertility treatment. "The struggle with infertility... there are a lot of emotions in it. ...it was kind of a big roller coaster up and down for us. Between the emotions that go with it, the cost of the infertility treatment... It was a nightmare! It was not fun. I would never want anybody to have to go thru that or experience that...!" - Shannon Kornusky, Green Bay, WI "It broke her down...! She was mentally and physically just drained.: - Shaun Kornusky, Green Bay, WI When other options failed they were recommended to Prime Family Chiropractic Centers. They were a little skeptical, and who could blame them after so many years of trying to have a baby, but they were committed to try their treatment plan and it worked! "I told Shannon just give me some time... give me some time to get your body back to fully functioning and let's get your body back to running a program that it's been designed to run... and WE DID!" - Dr. Skip Wyss "...and all these doctors told us that it was 'IMPOSSIBLE' for us to do this on our own... WE DID IT ON OUR OWN! It worked! - Shaun Kornusky "Coming here for care is like a breath of fresh air!" - Shannon Kornusky "Now we have a son that we proved all of the doctors wrong! Dr. Skip made that possible!" - Shaun Kornusky

Pregnancy & Anxiety | Amazing Experience | Certified Chiropractors

With a history of pregnancy struggles comes massive anxiety. With certified chiropractic care, hear how Stacy was able to feel fully supported, deliver naturally and have an amazing experience. Her body was well prepared for the challenge it was given in childbirth. Grant and Dr Skip have an amazing bond and Stacy has one extraordinary healthy little boy because of the care they have received at Prime Family Chiropractic Centers.

Bedwetting | Nocturnal Enuresis | They Never Wet The Bed Anymore!

Nothing Amy Ergish tried could help her boys stop wetting the bed. After so much frustration they were amazed to results within weeks of visiting Dr. Skip at Prime Family Chiropractic Centers! "My eight year old and six year old were still wetting the bed...! Every single night!" "Within the first week of seeing Dr. Skip, they had their first dry night... now, they never wet the bed anymore!" Amy Ergish, mother of 10 kids, had tried SO many things to help two of her boys stay dry overnight and nothing worked. Then after an internet search for natural treatment for bedwetting suggested chiropractic care, she visited her friend's chiropractor... Dr. Skip at Wyss Prime Family Chiropractic Centers! In this video testimonial Dr. Skip explains that Bedwetting is a common challenges that frustrate both parents and their children, and it's not the child's fault. "Most parents will think that the kid is just too lazy to get out of bed... For the most part, It's the lack of communication from the bladder to their brain to wake the kid up, to get them out of bed...that's the key! - Dr. Skip Wyss "I don't think there's a kid in this world that wants to wet themselves and lay in it all night!" - Dr. Skip Wyss The results amazed everyone! Within a week they had their very first dry night... EVER! And, now they no longer wet their beds at night. "I don't know that I necessarily was a believer to begin with, but I was willing to give this a try, and I was impressed when within the very first week we started seeing results!" - Amy Ergish If someone told me that their kids were struggling with bedwetting I'd tell them to definitely see a chiropractor, especially one that specializes in kids. Because, without a doubt, it works and it gives the kids hope that they don't have to continue to wake up like that every morning!" - Amy Ergish

Seizures | 2 Yr Old Owen | We saw results FAST!

Joe and Taunaleah Davis from Sheboygan, WI came to see Dr. Skip and Dr. Julie Wyss when their son Owen was suffering from terrifying Seizures. Joe and Tauna speak from the heart as they share how they tried seeking treatments, neurologists, and medication (Keppra) to no avail! Upon the recommendation of a friend they drove from Sheboygan to Green Bay to see Dr. Skip Wyss who is certified in pediatric chiropractic care. "...our then two year old son Owen woke us up with a seizure. And, that was this whole insane, terrifying experience!" - Tauna Davis "... I thought he was choking, and then he was lifeless for like three minutes...blue...not breathing...and I thought he died!" - Joe Davis The Davis' experience with Prime Family Chiropractic Centers and Little Owen's response to chiropractic treatment has been remarkable! !He's three again! He's cuddly... and he's adventurous... and he's happy...! He's my kid again! - Tauna Davis "We saw results FAST!" - Tauna Davis

Insomnia | Focus Issues | Care for the Whole Family

For years Summer had insomnia... terrible difficulty falling asleep each night, sometimes until 3am... night after night after night. This left her not wanting to go to bed to lay there bored each night. This also left her exhausted throughout the day. Ethan had severe troubles focusing on his school work. As a homeshooling mother Kristine was really frustrated with Ethan's inability to sit still and focus, even for short periods of time. Ethan was frustrated because he wanted to do well in school and to make his mom/teacher proud of him. Grades suffer and relationships suffer when our nervous system isn't communicating properly. After receiving chiropractic care at Prime Family Chiropractic Centers, for a short time both Summer and Ethan experienced drastic improvements within weeks. Improvements that have lasted now for well over a year. It's no coincidence that when our bodies are in alignment great things can and do happen for our health.

Pain for Decades | Green Bay Chiropractic | Win the Battle

Michael Hagen from Green Bay, Wisconsin, has suffered from pain for decades. "I just couldn't imagine handling much more pain!" - Michael Hagen - Green Bay, WI "I think that's the important thing that people need to know... There is a chiropractic practice in Green Bay that wants to help kind of go to battle for you. To put you know to fight against injury instead of just making an adjustment to try and help you get through it day. Put you back together again and in a way that helps you to be more active, and more more you. They just let me know I could be better again! It sounds like the dumbest thing in the world, I didn't know I could get better. It is so great to put my arm my arm around my wife and not be in pain in church! "So this is just a thousand little things! How can you be understanding, and pleasant, and loving, and all the things that you're supposed to be as a husband and a father. So, removing pain helps in so many ways, it helps in relationships. And, I just keep finding new ways and new brighter areas of my life that I bump into and I'm like oh this is different than it was before. It's just really really cool!" - Michael Hagen "And he just looked at me and said "that's the first time in as long as I can remember that I did that and I didn't have pain!" Which totally surprised me because I knew that he was uncomfortable but I didn't realize he was in that much pain that to put his arm around me hurt him." - Kristine Hagen

Dr Julie Wyss | Certified Pediatric Chiropractor | Mother & Wife

Epilepsy | Seizures | Jorey's Story

Jorey's Story!! Amazing little one overcoming Infantile Spasms and Epilepsy with the amazing healing power of the body and Chiropractic! Awesome Chiropractic Story! Timeline: First Adjustment

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