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A New Year….The Best One Yet?

Would it be to cliché to say: “A New Year, A New You”. Because really, is this the year that everything on your to do list gets accomplished? That vacation that was to get booked actually happens. Or how about that impressive 6 pack of abs that you’ve been saying you were going to get to.

Every year goes faster and faster. Is that because we are getting older or because our plates are just fuller and fuller…?

The end of the year should come as no surprise to ANYONE! No one bats an eye for 4th of July or Halloween. No one just wakes up and realizes oh dang, tomorrow’s Christmas! Then why does the start to a new year cause so much angst and grief for some and for others the year to climb Mount Everest, to join a gym and loose 50lbs, or finally ask for that promotion.

WHY do we Wait for January to begin a habit of health & happy living when we can choose to Start whenever we wanted!

I often get many comments of how I am able to do ALL THE THINGS!
(Well, many other things, some little things-some not so little, get forgotten or pushed aside.) However, for the most part I tend to live within a few boundaries.

Here are my top 5 Rules to Live By:

1. Set Boundaries
Face it – if you are a mom reading this, you probably suck at setting boundaries. But over time it will become easier. Don’t get me wrong – it’s not always easy. I’ve been called selfish by outsiders who don’t know these boundaries exist. But it doesn’t matter for them. I have these boundaries to promote and protect myself, my husband, and my kids.

2. What are my Goals
Goals can be whatever you want to achieve – in the next year, 3 months, next week, tomorrow! The biggest obstacle I see people make is that they don’t put enough thought into what they truly want to make a goal worth working for.
For a new mom it may be to shower, like really shower at least once a week!
For an athlete to compete in an Ironman or to get to the gym 4 times a week.
For a new business to not take a loss in their first year.
Whatever the goal – it needs to be revisited, Regularly. That is where we fail at attaining our goals – we forget what they are! We lose our boundaries, get overwhelmed and then forget what our true intention, passion or purpose in life was.

3. How will I reward myself
Who has ever set a goal, reached that goal and then left feeling underwhelmed? Why did you feel that way? Quite possibly because you didn’t have a system of rewards in place. To reach the goal is one thing but you need to anchor your success to something.
For a new Real Estate agent maybe, that is a bottle of Dom Pérignon to be reminded what a successful closing feels like.
For a Car Sales agent taking a trip to a luxury driving course.
For a business women snagging the newest LV clutch or handbag that just hit the shelves.
The anchor needs to remind you of the success you felt when you reached that goal. It must be something substantial. BUT the opposite also applies. IF you didn’t make the goal there needs to a consequence. A shoe lover looses out on the hottest release, no coffee shop coffee for the month, no girls spa day. Something that would impact you that would almost kill you if you couldn’t have it.

4. Non-Negotiables
Dinner with my family. I have a few non-negotiables but this one is super important. Not much needs to be said about the importance of family time and sharing a meal together. Figuring out your non-negotiables may take some time but once you do you’ll quickly realize that it is much easier to live within those boundaries when both boundaries and non-negotiables are in alignment with each other!

5. Grace
And finally, Grace. Ahh, just saying that brings a sense of calm over me and allows me a second to breathe. We are human. Yes, even those that look like they have it all together make mistakes. It’s how we overcome hardships, missed deadlines, failed tests, late meetings that sets our trajectory. Allowing yourself room for growth from your mistakes is giving yourself grace. Asking for forgiveness, time in reflection and prayer can open a multitude of possibilities. But if we stay in blame, feeling sorry for ourselves or being negative we will be hard pressed to stay the course for 1 -4.

In reflection, this New You can be starting today – or whenever you decide to get out of your head and out of your way. Maybe start with number 5 and then those boundaries will be easier to be seen, goals will be fun to set and the rewards will be monumental! The non-negotiables will be those things that will become the most important things in your life that maybe you haven’t realized until now.

Looks like you better start planning!

If you need help or have no idea where to even start, reach out! I’d be happy to help.
A New Year….This can be the Best one Yet!!

Let me know if you need help getting there or Celebrating those WINS!!