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It seems as if every child today is being labeled with ADHD. Type in the letters “AD” in a search engine and almost certainly ADHD will come up in the list. It is everywhere: Adhd self tests; adhd linked to articles; ADD (attention deficit disorder); adhd alternative treatments; adhd support groups; adhd symptom checker, almost 15 million results in less than a second!

The criterion used to make the diagnosis of ADHD fits almost every child we encounter in our practice. “If your child displays at least eight of the criteria, he is a candidate for the ADHD diagnosis.” (All of a sudden I’m very concerned about myself and most of my friends and colleagues!)

You may find this surprising, but the majority of children in second through fifth grade have been given prescriptions of the powerful drug Ritalin, even though many of them probably don’t have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Ritalin and other stimulants are currently prescribed to millions of children in the hope of improving their supposed hyperactivity, inattention and impulsivity while many parents, teachers and care-givers are unaware of the damaging effects of Ritalin.

Ritalin has been shown to:
– Decrease the blood flow to the brain.
– Disrupt the body’s growth hormone, which leads to growth suppression in the body and the brain of your child.
– Development of permanent neurological tics, including Tourette’s Syndrome.
– Lead to addiction and abuse, including withdrawal reactions on a daily basis.
– Development of psychosis (mania), depression, insomnia, agitation and social withdrawal.
– Possible shrinkage (atrophy) or other permanent physical abnormalities in the brain.
– Worsen the very symptoms the drug is supposed to improve including hyperactivity and inattention.
– Result in a decreased ability to learn.

So what do I do? There all sorts of “treatments” that can be found just about anywhere but many families are unaware of the many successful solutions in a chiropractic office.

Chiropractic doctors have been successfully helping ADHD children for years. We often find that an interference with the function of the nervous system, caused by a vertebral subluxation in the spine, is at the heart of the matter. These vertebral subluxations can be the result of a difficult birth and interfere with normal nervous system function.

A vertebral subluxation is an irritant to the nervous system. It is similar to having a pebble placed in your shoe that you can’t get rid of! Chiropractic care is directed at correcting these subluxations, thereby making the child’s nervous system function normally. It’s that simple.

If your child has been labeled ADHD or is in the process of being labeled, our suggestion would be to consult a pediatric chiropractor or other natural health practitioner without delay.