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Didn’t mean to trick you there….so many people struggle with herbal names, people names and when they both are tough, manage to mix the two together.

Someone was hoping I could re-order Ashwagandha for them and they couldn’t quite get the name right!

It raised some concerns or thoughts in my head – that many of my friends probably don’t know about many of the herbals and supplements that can help soooo many things! 

Ashwagandha is an adaptogenic herb. Adaptogens help bring the body back to homeostasis, especially during stressful times. They bring our highs low and our lows high to restore balance.

❤️ Healthy stress response

Mediherb makes a supplement called Ashwagandha Forte that can help with:

❤️ Mental clarity & memory

❤️ Normal sleep patterns

❤️ Antioxidant protection

❤️ Healthy inflammation response

❤️ Normal neuroendocrine (hormone) function

On top of this, ashwagandha can also:

🧠 Slow down the deterioration of brain cells in people with dementia

🧠 Help repair brain cells

🧠 Help with depression

🧠 Information processing speed

🧠 Help with sustained attention

That’s a lot for an herb. Interested? Just ask.

I’d love to chat about either the herb or the person or any other herb or Herb you have on your mind 😉