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If you’re reading this article then you are one of the many people that live with back pain every day. You’ve exhausted the many back pain relief devices, tried low back pain stretches, specific stretches for the lower left side/right side; ice, heat, exercise, tranquilizers, and “pain” specialists to no avail.

Many people forget that the body is a dynamic organism that does best when it’s moving, however, anyone suffering with low back pain need not only exercise it “out” and it will make everything better. Many people have the idea that having back pain is just a fact of life. Not true! While the incidence of back pain is very common, people need to remember that back pain has a reason for being. Your body is trying to tell you that something is wrong – and that you need to do something.

There are many “treatments” out there that deal with this issue. The plethora of treatments for pain is astounding! And yet, with all this vast supply of help, back pain is still a huge issue.

Why is this? Because people aren’t correcting the cause of the problem! A good analogy would be having a fire in your living room. You then have a choice: either put out the fire or turn off the fire alarm.

Which one makes more sense to you? When we say that exercise may not be your answer, we are serious. Before attempting an exercise regimen, please see your chiropractor to discuss what may be causing your pain.

You may need to be placed on a schedule of care that is designed to correct the underlying problem, not just the pain. With this knowledge in hand your exercise regimen will be of great benefit to you – not the other way around.