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When your son insists on washing his own bed sheets or your daughter who has always been outgoing suddenly doesn’t want anything to do with her girlfriends sleepover and is adamant on not going, something is going on. Wet blankets and sheets in the morning are something that one in five children deals with regularly. This means that at least 20% of five-to-eight year olds wet their bed when sleeping. This is not okay. Imagine what it does to a child’s self esteem, friendships and bonding with family.

Over the years, various reasons have been proposed as to the cause of desperation wetting accidents, or nocturnal enuresis;(bed wetting past the usual time a child is “potty trained”) including psychological, habitual and emotional factors. Even more scary are the methods that have been used to treat this affliction: alarm systems in the bed; electric shocks; hypnosis; drugs; waking in the middle of the night; psychotherapy; spanking and the list goes on.

Why do accidents and bed wetting occur?

It may not be your child’s fault or even in their control… It occurs when there is improper function of the valves (sphincters) which control the flow of urine from the bladder. One of these sphincters is under voluntary control, which means you go when you want to.

The other is on “autopilot” which means it is controlled by the autonomic nervous system, the part of your nervous system which controls all internal functions that you have no conscious control over. The function of both of the valves is controlled by the child’s nervous system, which keeps both in check.

Instead of dealing with the reasons why the bladder is not functioning, it is much more profitable and easier to put school-age children in diapers. The same holds true for adults and the idea that it is socially acceptable to go shopping in your “adult” diapers and it’s okay for you to do your business with no one ever knowing.

Seeing children every day in our office we’ve found that kids who wet the bed respond very well to chiropractic care. Chiropractors deal with removing any interference to the normal function of the nervous system. Applying this concept to a child whose nervous system has lost control of their bladder, has positive results and makes for some very happy kids and parents!

If your child is experiencing bed wetting difficulties please know there is help. It’s not just in your child’s head or they are acting up, there could be a real problem. Talk with your family chiropractor or a chiropractor that specializes in children.