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Remember Mr. Pimple Popper….it’s all fun and games until it’s on your face. Affecting your life. Your self confidence. Your emotions. Ugghhh

The Teen anguish.

The Pregnancy hormones.

Adult Acne.

Talking with a friend and it makes so much sense, Eating beets helped her get rid of her break outs.

She used to break out by her mouth and chin often. When you break out in that area, it often has to do with hormones, but we weren’t sure what to do about it at the moment. Around the same time, she started eating beets because we both knew they were good for the liver and we wanted to support our livers in the detoxification process. She ate beets just about every day for a month. She noticed one morning that “my skin wasn’t broken out anymore”, and it hadn’t been that way in a week or so. She continued eating beets, and after another month, there still wasn’t a breakout.

We thought about it and put 2+2 together. Your liver’s main role is detoxification. If you’re not able to detox properly, toxins still need to get out of your body, and sometimes they come through your skin/face. Because she supported her liver (and also gallbladder) with beets, her body was better able to detox, and those toxins didn’t need to be eliminated through her skin anymore.

Eat beets!!!

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