Get PRIMED for success,  get PRIMED for life with Healthcare Re-imagined! 💡

Remember as a child eating dirt? I mean playing in the mud!
I bet you can almost feel the texture right now of that one time when you ate some sand…

Many of us are doing all we can to keep ourselves healthy.

  • Regular Adjustments
  • Organic food options, Non-GMO when possible
  • Adequate water intake

Did you know that no matter what, even when opting for an organic option, that many of our food options are depleted of the vary nutrients that we need to live. Many of the vegetables and fruits that we place on our plates are limited in the amount of nourishment they can give us. 
In order to fill the gaps, no you don’t need to eat more dirt, but you may need to consider adding some Vitamins to your list. We would be happy to help sort through some that you may already be taking.
You can do some shopping HERE if you’d like – our personal store where we get all of our own supplements for our family. 

For starters, if you can’t pronounce some of the “ingredients” on the label, that probably means that your body also can’t recognize the supplement to be able to make it useful to absorb and utilize. 
No matter the Season, we would always recommend a whole food form of Vitamin that is readily absorbed:

  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin D
  • Multi-Vitamin
  • Omega’s 

We would be happy to tailor a plan specific for you and your family.
As always, any questions please just let us know!