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The World Heath Organization (WHO) classifies EMF as a possible carcinogen.

EMF = Electromagnetic field, and anything electric has one.
The energy emitted is referred to as Radiation.
 The human body used EMF signals to function for EVERYTHING from your Heartbeat to Brainwaves to Cell Communication.
 Strong outside EMF exposure disrupts the body’s EMF waves, which can damage its health in many ways. 
 Carcinogen = ANY substance that has the potential to cause Cancer in Living Tissues.

Over 80% of surveyed countries have legislation on exposure limits to EMF.

The United States = VOLUNTARY

MRI Studies show that 4G radiation exposure REDUCES Brain Function.

Please NOTE: this is 4G! The majority of cell phones now are all 5G – which does not make matters better, much more the opposite. 

Male Fertility DRASTICALLY DECREASES with just 4 hours of Cell Phone use per Day.

At the Prime Family Centers we are a brain based clinic that takes a functional approach to your health – which ultimately affects how well you live life!
That’s why this topic is so important and Vital to your health. Rest assured that with our help you can live a more confident and less scary life for you, your family and friends.

We want our patients to THRIVE and LIVE life like so many are unable to experience. 

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