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It’s can be a very anxious period and there can be a lot of stress on everyone. We want to take care of our children and of their nervous systems to help them deal with the stresses going on.

So what are some signs and symptoms we can look for specifically from our kids to tell if they are stressed?

  1. Are they biting their nails? Pulling at their fingers? Picking at their nails? Chewing the sides of their mouths?
  2. Are they not sleeping well? Getting up a lot at night? Tossing and turning?
  3. Are they communicating properly? Is their speech coming out properly? Are they stuttering more? Problems with different letters or vowels?
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How can you help them?

  1. Get their nervous system in proper communication with their body so they can start actively dealing with the stress. The best way to do this is with a chiropractic adjustment.
  2. Make sure they are getting all the proper nutrition their bodies need. Plenty of fruits, veggies, protein, and vitamins! We carry Standard Process Vitamins and we are always happy to tell you everything you need to know about vitamins you can benefit from taking.
  3. Practice things that will help them stay calm and relax in the moment. Teach your kids to focus on their breathing when they feel stressed out. Big breath in through the nose, slowly let out through the mouth.
  4. Try to approach the school year in a gradual and systematic way. Practice going to bed early and getting up early before school even starts. If there is the opportunity, have your kids meet their teacher before school even starts so that it is a familiar face, not another stressor. Invite your children’s school friends over for playdays before school to establish a familiarity between them so they have a good relationship right when school starts instead of taking the entire summer off from seeing them and then they are thrown together everyday all of a sudden.
  5. Practice flexibility. Children need to know that everything is not always going to be perfect and learn how to be okay with that. 

We care about your family and your children almost as much as you do! It takes a village, and we’ve got one!