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“Hey, Dr. Skip, my kid can’t go to the bathroom. He’s been constipated for three weeks. I’ve given him different stool softeners, Miralax, prunes, apple sauce, apple juice… and none it really seems to help all that much.”

Do you have any answers for that?

Guess what?

I’m Dr. Skip and actually, I do.

Most children should be pooping between one to two times a day at a minimum, and if they’re not, we’ve got a bowel problem.

We’ve got an issue where we don’t have the right communication to the guts and the guts aren’t working properly, and the kid’s not able to poop like he should.

That’s not okay, because I know as an adult, if I don’t go to the bathroom every day, I’m not comfortable either.

So why is it okay if your kids haven’t gone to the bathroom for a few weeks?

I know I would be miserable and I know you would be, too.

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