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Parasites Suck

No child ever wants the vivid dream of pinworms let alone experience it in real life. Yet many children and adults go undiagnosed with pinworms. It can be an awful traumatic experience for many. I don’t know any child who would enjoy anyone staring at their poop eliminator not to mention the fact of how itchy or exposed it leaves them feeling.

Months of trying every holistic method you can try.

Rolls of masking tape used and moon phases watched.

Months of trying to get rid of parasites when the answer was just to nuke them from the doctor.

I bet you thought this post was about the parasite that you could actually see under a microscope.

This is about removing parasites from your life.

The world is tough-for adults and children alike.

The Parasites are coming for you, or they are already there.

Either way, you need to nuke em’.

You need to remove them, destroy them, flush them, and prevent them or other types from entering your life again. No one else is going to do that for you. In fact, you cannot help others when they’ve been infested. They need to see the worms under the microscope for themselves to believe the truth. (Hindsight is 20:20?)

How does this relate to what we do? Not even many times, it is ALL THE TIME, your body is in a constant state of change and repair. It must follow an extremely specific program. When it cannot follow the required programming, things happen; malfunctions, diseases, cancers, pains, headaches, sickness…the list is never ending of symptoms.

Many people understand physical trauma as it relates to our day-to-day activities: on the road all day, sitting at a desk, poor posture, physical labor, and even the fun stuff: cross-fit, marathoning, roller-skating or karate. These traumas add up in our life and lead to symptoms or how the body talks to us, so we listen. Toxins are easy to understand too: a long weekend of binge eating or overdoing it at the new microbrew, caffeine, drugs, medications etc. But what about the emotional aspect.

When we do not keep our thoughts in check, they can be the detriment to us. Emotions can run rampant in our children, anyone got teenagers or toddlers! Allowing regular check-ins with a close friend, confident or day out will help keep those emotions in check. Trust us when we say, we know when you are bottling it all up. What we do as chiropractors has a very precise connection to your emotional wellbeing. You will tell us when there has been a trauma, or you are recovering from that sports loss but the emotional stuff, we got you. We can feel it. We can see it many times before you or your child even realize it is there. (That is what makes our job so magical!) The most important thing that we can do as adults or parents is to be ready for a purge.

5 Types of Parasites You Need to Look Out For  –                                                                        
With help from Andrew McDermoit from Hook to Win

(Do keep in mind that toddlers may not be aware of these titles and many teenagers can have more than 1 parasite!)

The Arranger 

Tries to arrange deals, circumstances, and events so things always seem to be win/lose in their favor. When arrangers send you their terms or agreements, they need to be inspected carefully, meticulously – so you do not get burned. Anything they ask for needs to be scrutinized.


The Schemer 

Wants loopholes. They look for ways over, under, around or through your rules. They are looking for a way to game the system, your system. They will look for ways to take what they want from you without giving anything in return. The schemer wants to beat you and take what is yours.


The Slanderer 

Uses guilt and shame to control you. They talk about how you have let them down. They will call you names, badger you, or provoke you in an effort to get you to lose your cool. At that point, they have the justification they need to renege on a promise or commitment they have made.


The Disrupter 

Is controlling. They are the type that gives you a list of demands. They demand to be the exception to the rule and expect to be in control. They throw tantrums when they do not get their way and they use it to control those that work with them. Instead of following the plan you have, they arrive with orders and plans of their own that they expect you to follow.


The Corruptor 

Is consistently dishonest. They will say or do anything they can to get what they want. They will lie to your face or encourage you to lie for them. They will get your hands dirty and set you up to take the fall for their bad behavior. They are constantly working to erode your morals and your values.


Ask yourself this today – is it time for a purge? Not of our children of course, but of those parasites!