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High-voltage power lines create magnetic field electromagnetic fields (MF-ELF), with stronger intensities near the power line. California, after conducting a scientific review, has regulations protecting school children by keeping high-voltage power lines at a distance. Repeated research over the years has linked higher electromagnetic fields to childhood leukemia. 

More recently, Kaiser Permanente researchers published several studies linking pregnant women’s exposure to MF-ELF to increased miscarriage and to increased ADHDobesity, and asthma in the women’s prenatally exposed children. 

Other sources of MF-ELF radiation inside classrooms include electrical equipment, nearby electrical substations, and faulty wiring in the building. A laptop or digital device on the body also creates high magnetic field exposures directly under the device. 

Many countries have strict limits on the magnetic fields in schools and some will not allow schools to be built if the levels are over 3 or 4 milligauss – levels associated with childhood leukemia.  The United States does not have a federal limit on magnetic fields. 

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