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Whether you are a first time mom, have 7 kids or know a mom – Chances are you you know someone who has struggled with breastfeeding. 

We were all born to do it
We were all programmed to succeed
Why do some of our babies do it better than others?

There are many reasons to breast feed out little ones.
I like the fact that our bodies make the exact recipe of milk each and every time that our babies eat. Especially if someone is sick, they get more anti-body rich milk!
It’s amazing what a women’s body can do.
However, Breastfeeding is NOT EASY!!! 
No one talks about the blisters, blood, puss and engorgement. It’s all very real and painful! 
If you are struggling please know there are options. 
And if breastfeeding just isn’t for you, that’s okay – we have some amazing alternative resources for your milk choices too! (Just let us know!)

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At the Prime Family Centers we are a brain based clinic that takes a functional approach to your health – which ultimately affects how well you live life!
We aren’t like the majority and think that common symptoms are okay (besides our little ones can’t tell us what hurts) But we can test how they are functioning.