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Wrapping up our first year of life series we take a look at 8 – 12 months with several effective things parents can do during this time to set their children up for a healthy life.
There are steps that your baby needs to go through to be successful in all things life. Many times referred to as milestones – we get concerned if they are delayed but no one talks about if they skip it all together.
All those steps are an important process in brain development and are needed for higher brain function. No need to worry – we can help you make those connections and give your child the right trajectory for optimum brain development!

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At Prime Family Centers we are a brain based clinic that takes a functional approach to your health – which ultimately affects how well you live life!
We aren’t like the majority and think that common symptoms are okay (besides our little ones can’t tell us what hurts) But we can test how they are functioning.
We want our patients to THRIVE and LIVE life like so many are unable to experience.