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To protect yourself from EMF radiation in your home here are some simple steps that you can take:

– Turn off your WiFi router at night

– Do not sleep with your cell phone near your bed (or at least put it on airplane mode)

– Use wired connections rather than wireless whenever possible

– Use a whole-house EMF protection system

– Avoid “smart appliances” that communicate via WiFi, such as refrigerators, ovens, washing machines, etc.

– Do not use a cellular reception booster. These are high emitters of EMFs

– Do not use “smart home” devices Alexa, Google Home, wireless lighting, wireless thermostats, wireless cameras, etc

– Try to opt-out of a smart meter from your utility company. Smart meters emit short, frequent, powerful bursts of EMFs

– Do not sleep with your bed headboard against an electrical outlet. Some outlets emit relatively high levels of EMFs, especially if the wiring is old or done incorrectly

– Check your home for “dirty electricity”, and if needed install filters. The meters to measure for it and the filters are relatively inexpensive

– Purchase an EMF measuring meter to look for problem areas in your home. These are also relatively inexpensive and can be found on Amazon


Ever get a headache when you walk into a really buzzing store (Best Buy) and feel your hair stand up or a slight headache or just feel anxious – THAT IS EMF!

The tools that we have and use personally is not an EMF blocker, so the wireless devices in your home or office continue to operate normally. The system neutralizes the EMF radiation and provides support to the bodies of everyone within the protected area.

Dr. Skip & Dr. Julie personally use them on themselves and their children, has the office equipped with them, their cars and their home. The devices provide you with much-needed protection against the negative health effects of EMF radiation from 5G technology, as well as older cell phone technology, WiFi routers, smart meters, wireless appliances, and even EMFs from conventional electric power and geopathic stress.

Let us know what we can do to equip you or your family with the ultimate EMF Protection. We are here to answer all of our questions!