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You remember that saying of “Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.” Well, the latest research shows that it may be easier than you ever even realized to impact those around us with our cell phones- particularly the iPhone 12.

Researchers Find That the iPhone 12 Can Deactivate a Defibrillator

“Apple’s newest iPhones have a circular array of magnets built into their backs…. But defibrillators, some of which can also perform the function of a pacemaker, have a switch that can be deactivated with an external magnetic field, and when researchers from the Henry Ford Heart and Vascular Institute placed an iPhone 12 above the heart of a patient with an implanted Medtronic defibrillator, its operations were suspended every time.”

It seems as though scary things lurk around every corner these days. We get it! It’s a lot to keep on top of. Rest assured we have you covered!
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