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Traumatic birth syndrome (TBS) is a topic unfamiliar to most parents, but is estimated to be the sixth leading cause of infant death. It also accounts for 85-95 percent of health problems chiropractors face—even in adult patients.

From The Inside

Ultrasound may seem safe and innocuous, but current research tells us this is not so. Exposure of cells to diagnostic ultrasound causes general genetic damage and alterations of cellular growth and motility. After a single exposure to ultrasound, there are long-lived effects on the cells’ DNA, behavior and growth. Ultrasound has also been associated with dyslexia and delayed speech. The greatest concern is that ultrasound has an impact on immature eggs of a female baby. This last danger has not been satisfactorily investigated.

Electronic fetal monitoring (EFM) is used by most hospitals, even though there has been little testing done to determine efficacy. The latest research indicates that EFM increases parent panic and the rate of caesareans by 400 percent. During pregnancy, there is nothing more chilling for parents to hear than the words, “the baby’s heart rate is dropping.” This is the point where logic leaves, panic takes over and the body reacts. Many moms don’t realize that it is quite normal for their baby’s heart rate to drop slightly during each contraction.

To The Outside

Forceps and vacuum extraction use up to about 143 pounds of force to literally pull the baby out. The forces applied to the head and neck of the baby often causes nerve and spinal cord injuries as well as vertebral subluxations. These subluxations affect the baby’s nervous system and are a great threat to acute and chronic health.

Caesareans, also known as C-sections, have become increasingly popular, although many parents do not realize that they are still considered surgery. As soon as the mother’s abdomen is cut, the uterus contracts to protect the baby. Steel retractors may be used to open the uterus, and then forceps and vacuum extraction are required to deliver the child. Of course, the mother is anesthetized so she can’t feel the pain. Plus, many forget that the anesthetic also crosses the placenta and affects the baby.

The greatest difficulty chiropractors have with all these procedures is that they increase the possibility of vertebral subluxations in the baby’s spine. During delivery, there is tremendous stress placed on the child’s head, neck and delicate spinal bones. This, in turn, affects the spinal cord and billions of nerves that send vital messages from the brain to every part of the body. Subluxations can produce a myriad of health problems, including sudden infant death syndrome and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

A natural health practitioner or pediatric chiropractor can help you minimize the risk of traumatic birth syndrome.