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I Get A Few Common Questions These Days

Dr. Skip, how did you lose so much weight?

Dr. Skip, is there anything wrong with you?

Are you sure you’re healthy?

I’m sure you all have had those questions asked to you when you start losing weight or getting normal body chemistry back.

But the common question I get is, does chiropractic help you lose weight?

Well, here’s the myth behind that because a lot of people think it does.

And I’m going to tell you right now it helps you maintain a proper weight.

You see your body when it’s under a tremendous amount of stress it cannot lose weight.

When it’s under tremendous amounts of stress, it produces a chemical called cortisol that makes you gain weight.

It makes you store sugar.

It makes you store fat.

It thinks that you’re in a famine.

So what chiropractic does is reduce the stress on the inside of your body by restoring normal communication between your brain and your body, which reduces your cortisol and helps you burn fat and put on really good healthy muscle, and absorb the healthy nutrients that you put
in with a healthy diet.

So if you have any more questions about weight loss, be sure to reach out here to Wyss Family Clinic and the PRIME Family Chiropractic Centers.

I’ve lost 85 lbs, and the reason why is because of chiropractic and a product called ChiroThin.