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EMF Harmony

EMF protection refers to safeguarding yourself against the potential negative health consequences of exposure to electromagnetic radiation. EMF’s (electromagnetic fields) are emitted by many sources including cell phones, WiFi networks, devices such as laptops and tablets, and even conventional electricity.

There are an increasing number of scientific studies that demonstrate that exposure to EMF’s can have detrimental effects on your health (see links to such studies below). As a result, EMF protection is becoming a hot topic as people look for ways to protect themselves from electromagnetic radiation exposure, which is something we cannot realistically avoid in our modern world.

Here are some forms of EMF protection that you may wish to consider:

1. Minimize your exposure to EMF’s as much as possible. There are a few commonsense methods for minimizing your contact with EMF’s, and these include:

    • Do not hold your cell phone to your ear when using it, instead use a wired headphone or earbuds, or use the speaker phone feature. Also, do not keep your cell phone in your pocket or elsewhere where it is right against your body.
    • Turn off your WiFi router at night, as it is one of the most powerful EMF emitters in your environment. You can use an outlet timer to do it automatically.
    • Do not use Bluetooth devices that are inserted into your ears, such as wireless earphones.
    • Do not rest your laptop or tablet directly on your lap.
    • Do not place your bed with an outlet directly near your head.
    • Use wired devices whenever possible, including for keyboards, mice, printers, speakers, landline phones, appliances, thermostats, etc. And ideally use a wired network to your computers instead of WiFi.
    • Try to opt-out of having a “smart meter” installed by your electric utility company.

    2. Use EMF protection devices that neutralize the EMF’s. These products will neutralize, or harmonize, the harmful energetic frequencies of electromagnetic radiation. These do not actually block or alter the EMF’s, so your wireless devices continue to operate normally. Some examples of such products are:

    3. Use EMF blocking techniques that shield the radiation. There are a number of products available that work to block electromagnetic radiation. This approach is more challenging, since when you block EMF’s your devices may not function properly, and some of them can be cumbersome and/or expensive. Here are some examples of EMF blockers:

    • Special cell phone, laptop, and tablet cases. These are the most practical of the EMF blockers, and are often quite affordable.
    • EMF blocking clothing, hats, blankets, etc.
    • EMF blocking paint, metal, or fabric.
    • EMF Faraday cases for electricity smart meters.

    4. Hire a specialized consultant to assess EMF levels in your home. There a growing number of “building biology consultants” that can do an assessment of the EMF’s in your home and offer recommendations for minimizing them. Here is one source for finding such consultants:

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