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WiFi devices, which operate on radio frequency (RF), emit electromagnetic radiation that is non-ionizing. While non-ionizing radiation is a lower frequency level than ionizing radiation such as ultraviolet (UV) rays and x-rays due, we are constantly exposed to WiFi with our “always on” wireless devices.
Non-ionizing radiation comes from computer routers, cell phones, Bluetooth devices, microwave ovens, and even conventional electricity.

There have been many scientific studies that show a significant link between WiFi exposure and serious health risks, from hypersensitivity reactions and autoimmune disorders to mental health issues and cancer.

Babies and children are especially susceptible.

Research has also shown that WiFi EMF exposure can cause oxidative damage and DNA damage in brain cells, among other health effects.

The health effects of WiFi radiation exposure depend on how far you are from your router while it is broadcasting its WiFi signal. 

Radiation is very high immediately around the device, and it drops off dramatically after a few feet. However, there has been limited research on potential health risks from constant long-term exposure to low levels of EMF radiation.

The BioInitiative 2012 report, an organization of doctors and scientists that evaluated exposure standards for electromagnetic (EM) radiation (which includes WiFi), states that existing public safety limits set by the FCC for WiFi devices are not adequate.

Remember that the U.S. sets Voluntary levels…

Fortunately, there are ways in which you can protect yourself from WiFi radiation.

We’ve compiled a list ways in which you can limit your exposure to RF radiation from WiFi devices. Although wireless routers, wearables, and smart appliances offer less risk than a smartphone, because they’re not held against the head, there are still more that can be done.

If you want to continue using your WiFi devices while minimizing your exposure to EMFs, we recommend a brand that we trust personally and use in our home, on our phones and in the clinic. There are whole house products or individual use items. 

These systems neutralize EMF radiation and provide energetic support for your body without impacting the strength or quality of your WiFi signal. The home and office system also protects you from WiFi that comes from outside the protected area.

Just like everything that we do, we’ve tried it first and we give it our stamp of approval and the product that we trust most.

These EMF protection products are based on proprietary bio-energetic technology from Europe that has been in development and successfully used for over 20 years.
At the Prime Family Centers we are a brain based clinic which is why this topic is so important for us. By taking a functional approach to your health – we can see the things that affect us most.
We aren’t like the majority and think that common symptoms are okay (besides our little ones can’t tell us what hurts) But we can test how they are functioning and can give you options to a better life.
We want our patients to THRIVE and LIVE life like so many are unable to experience.