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What are the recommendations for pregnant women?

  • Avoid carrying your cell phone on your body (e.g. in a pocket or bra).
  • Avoid holding any wireless device against your body when in use.
  • Use your cell phone on speaker setting or with an “air tube” headset.
  • Avoid using your wireless device in cars, trains, or elevators.
  • Avoid cordless phones, especially where you sleep.
  • Whenever possible, connect to the internet with wired cables.
  • When using Wi-Fi, connect only to download, then disconnect and disable Wi-Fi.
  • Avoid prolonged or direct exposure to Wi-Fi routers.
  • Unplug your home Wi-Fi router when not in use (e.g. at bedtime).
  • Sleep as far away from wireless utility meters (i.e. “smart” meters) as possible.

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WHY Limit cell use during pregnancy? Meet OB Dr. Taylor