Get PRIMED for success,  get PRIMED for life with Healthcare Re-imagined! 💡

 Let’s chat about something that’s extremely important — your body is designed to heal itself! I joke with our little patients about what happens if you talk back to your parents – they know it’s never a good idea. Well, our body does the same thing and many times it has been for quite some time. 

I didn’t always understand this concept – but once we started our family I knew that I only wanted what was best for my kids. That begins at a functional level – making sure the body is working correctly. Those headaches, growing pains and bathroom accidents are your body talking back – something is not right. 

By utilizing a functional approach to how our bodies are suppose to work we can mitigate the majority of life’s stressors. Imagine if we can give the world to our kids – and they don’t have to live through all the things we did as adults!

It is easier to grow healthy kids then to fix broken adults!

And you can experience this too. And your kids. And your friends!
With Prime Family we take a functional approach to your health, you’ll

  • Save Money
  • Have more Time
  • Enjoy the Life you have

Here’s what our patients say about our Commitment to you: 

  • “Dr. Skip and Dr. Julie and staff are amazing. They have huge hearts and are total blessings in the community. They have made a positive impact in our lives more than they will ever know.”
  • “I cannot say enough about Julie and Skip and chiropractic! It’s been a staple for my family for years now!”
  • “They know their stuff! My children love going and getting adjusted and the staff and doctors are absolutely phenomenal. They become like a part of your family and really get to know you. I love all the knowledge they share, and how truly kind they are. Highly recommend!!!!”

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